There's a film we're very keen to make. It's about the forest.
About the forest dwellers, who are connected by a thousand threads.

We think a good nature film has meaning, power, impact.
It's a small step towards change,
because maybe it just lacks the knowledge.



Every day in a forest, tens of thousands of species struggle to survive, interacting with each other in a bewildering variety of ways, helping or hindering each other's survival. They eat, chase, hunt each other. They cooperate, feed, convey love, deceive, make the other's work impossible, or even compensate for it. Mysterious relationships and chaotic interdependencies chart the life of the forest.

The members of forest society can only be understood if they are seen as part of the whole to which they have adapted and on which they have an impact.
Our film is about the amazing society of one of the last natural paradises; birth, love, friendship, war, life and death.

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the story of a centuries-old forest

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Filmjungle Studio is an independent film production company producing mainly science fiction and nature films. An important objective is to provide a place where people who are "starving" for scientific Hungarian content can find it, even in the 21st century media age. The Film Jungle Studio is a kind of reservation, where endangered species and vanishing traditions are preserved and shared with the people.

Films such as the multi-award winning
"What the Trees Whisper About",
the acclaimed
"Poisoned Earth",
The Life and Work of Bence Máté
"The Invisible Bird Photographer",
or the Hungarian nature conservationists
the dedication of nature conservationists
"Nature guardians in action"
a series of films on the work of conservationists in the field.

“The forest is an intricate community of life woven from delicate threads, and it is only by getting to know nature that we learn to truly love and understand it.”

Raoul H. Francé


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